Day In The Life Video, Legal Settlement Video For Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice Litigation

My name is Andrew Colton. I am an award-winning former on-air network news correspondent retained by attorneys nationally as the premiere producer of Day In The Life Video, Life After Loss™ Productions, Settlement Brochure and legal video documentaries.

My clients include more than 50 of the leading personal injury law firms and trial attorneys from South Florida to Northern California — including national firms based in New York City, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Miami, Chicago, Dallas and Minneapolis. I do not charge for domestic travel. I am a communications expert,  not a tech-school trained court reporter or legal videographer. My clients expect quality and professionalism.

My Day In The Life Video, Video Settlement Documentary and Life After Loss™ Productions routinely lead to record and landmark settlements because they intelligently convey and generate emotion that can’t be represented in a brief. Most importantly, they effectively help attorneys induce settlement — keeping costs down and making a difficult time a bit easier for your clients.

An Expert. Not A Court Reporter With A Camera.

legal day in the life video for construction accident, amputation

Andrew Colton is an expert in documenting clients post-amputation.

I am retained by attorneys who will tell you that I excel in extracting the emotion and presenting the facts at the core of personal injury, medical malpractice, truck accident, traumatic brain injury, police misconduct, products liability, wrongful death, dram shop, premise liability, birth injury, aviation and maritime cases. I am also retained by attorneys representing Union workers to document their clients following construction accidents, which often result in amputation.

legal day in the life video and settlement documentary production

From major cities to farms, my videos help attorneys help their clients nationwide.

Warm, Caring, Highly Effective.

You are hiring me, not a service. Attorneys nationwide say I’m great to work with and extremely cost effective.

Big Cities. Small Towns. Farms.

Whether your client is in a major city or on a farm, my journalistic experience provides a unique ability to create a friendly, relaxed environment in any setting that elicits the true emotion at the core of your case. Simply put: your clients will “open up.”

Day In The Life Video, Demand Package, Settlement Brochure, “Life After Loss” Documentaries.

Andrew Colton litigation communication expert and media producer

Andrew Colton is an award-winning former network news correspondent now retained by attorneys nationwide.

My Day In The Life, Demand Package, Settlement Documentary and “Life after Loss™” videos help make your case stronger through intelligent substance-over-flash. My most popular options are “Day In The Life Video” documentaries with interviews and “Life After Loss” productions which combine your client’s daily struggles or loss with their own voice. Learn more about these videos here. Telephone or email me now. Let’s confidentially discuss your case and how I can help you settle.

More Than $140-Million In Settlements.

Attorneys rely on my communication and production expertise for record and landmark settlements.

Legal Video Production For Any Case Budget.

Not every case merits a major production. In many instances, a simple “Day In The Life Video” works perfectly. I will always work within your budget.

Video Settlement Documentary production and legal day in the life video

My videos are high-impact and highly effective. (Scene from successful settlement documentary).

For higher-value cases, attorneys retain me to produce “Video Settlement Brochure,” “Video Settlement Documentary” or “Demand Package” productions. These are 10-30 minute network news style productions that include interviews, graphics, interviews, broadcast scripting and my professional narration. A recent documentary induced settlement in a $50-Million case.

No Outsourcing. No Travel Fees. Major Clients In Major Cities and Small Towns.

I am on the scene for all aspects of your production. There is no outsourcing and I do not charge for reasonable domestic travel. I work with your clients before and during the production to ensure they are comfortable, relaxed and a part of the process.

Audio And Video Forensics

audio visual forensics for litigationAttorneys nationwide rely on my services for audio and video forensic work, including: clarifying police dashboard camera video, editing traffic camera video, enhancing telephone and security camera surveillance media, analyzing police body cam media files.

Witness Preparation

There is no need for your client to be afraid or nervous when it comes to court or deposition appearances. I share my communications expertise through my witness preparation and training services. I work with clients in civil, criminal, human resources and domestic/family law proceedings.

Charitable Productions, Public Relations and Crisis Management

I provide charitable and pro-bono production and media relations services to local and national organizations. Learn more about my charitable and pro-bono services.