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Video Settlement Documentary For Litigation

The leading trial attorneys nationwide know to stay away from “CVLS” videographers for high-impact Video Settlement Documentary productions and instead retain a broadcast news professional. Court legal videographers do not have the experience or background to effectively and professionally translate your case into a documentary production. Storytelling through video and imagery, however, is what broadcast news professionals do every day.

Experience is often the key to settling a case before incurring the expense of trial preparation.

As my clients have realized time and time again in major, high-profile cases, a documentary with extraordinary narrative development, emotional yet powerful interviewing, eye-catching graphics production and professional narration can make the indisputable point that “there is no other side to the story.”

Through my years as an award-winning ABC News network correspondent, attorneys trust my skills, communications expertise and production excellence to yield highly success video settlement documentary productions that routinely lead to record and landmark settlements in personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, traumatic brain injury, maritime, truck accident and civil rights cases.

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Day In The Life Legal Video Sample From ColtonCreative

Andrew Colton is the premiere litigation video producer in the United States. An award winning, former ABC News National Correspondent, Colton’s Day In The Life and Video Settlement Documentary productions routinely lead to record and landmark settlements in personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, police misconduct, truck accident, maritime, products liability, premises liability, traumatic brain injury and civil rights cases.

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There is never a charge for reasonable domestic travel, and I will always work within your pre-set case budget.

Legal Day In The Life Video, Video Settlement Documentary, Demand Package Production For Litigation

Andrew Colton is an award-winning former network news correspondent, now retained by attorneys nationwide for record setting Day In The Life, Video Settlement Brochure and Demand Package productions.

My name is Andrew Colton and I am retained by attorneys throughout the United States and Canada as the premiere expert litigation video producer and communications consultant in high-stakes, high-value cases. As an award-winning former ABC News National Correspondent, my work routinely leads to record and landmark settlements in medical malpractice, personal injury, birth injury, traumatic brain injury, police misconduct, wrongful death, truck accident, maritime and products liability cases.

Quite simply: my one and only goal is to provide you with a cost effective solution to settle your case before incurring the cost of trial.

Attorneys trust my communications expertise, perfected through years as an on-air national news correspondent and Wall Street Journal broadcast host.

Whether through Day In The Life Video, Video Settlement Brochure, Video Demand Package Documentary, or trial preparation and review, I work closely with attorneys to craft complicated arguments and concepts into ideas that are easy to explain and comprehend.


Why Our “Day In The Life Videos” Are So Successful

An image from a ColtonCreative litigation settlement documentary.

Day In The Life Videos are not just snippets of video edited together. Attorneys nationwide retain me to produce “day in the life videos” that tell the story of what their client is living through, how it impacts their families and friends, and to do it without scripting, narration or special effects.

Often, attorneys request a “hybrid” Settlement Video/Day In The Life video which includes interviews with family and friends, but neither scripting nor narration. It is frequently a very cost effective way to add tremendous impact to your case.

My Day In The Life Videos tell the compelling, emotional story of what life is like now. How the accident or event has changed your client’s life forever. These productions are used in settlement conference, mediation and trial.

How Attorneys Use Our Settlement Documentaries and Video Settlement Brochures

I am often asked for the difference between a ‘Settlement Documentary, a Video Settlement Brochure, a Settlement Video and a Day In The Life Video.’

Generally speaking, a “Settlement Documentary,” “Video Settlement Brochure” and “Settlement Video” are different names for the same thing: an 8 to 30 minute documentary that includes interviews with any or all of your client, their family, friends, co-workers and experts. I include graphics, police/medical reports when appropriate, and produce the settlement documentary as if it were appearing on a network news magazine.

Quite simply: My video settlement documentaries make it clear that “there is no other side to the story.”


The Nation’s Leading Law Firms Retain ColtonCreative

The Nation’s Leading Law Firms Rely On ColtonCreative.

Among My Clients:

Gaskins, Bennett, Birrell, Schupp; Sheridan and Murray; The Schlesinger Firm;  Ellis, Ged and Bodden; Hightower Angelley; Jolley, Urga, Wirth, Woodbury and Standish; DeMahy, Labrador, Drake; Thomas Barham  and Alan Simpson, PC; Pritzker Olsen; Carner Barzakay; Maxwell and Murphy; Somera and Silva; The Falvello Law Firm; Ginsburg and Associates<br>The Law Offices Of Torres and Brenner; Young Adams and Stein; Parker, Waichman, Alonso LLP; Lundy Law; The Berkowitz Law Firm; Stark and Stark;

Blasingame, Burch, Garrard and Ashley.

The Wall Street Journal Radio Network, Dow Jones, Global Telesourcing, The American Cancer Society, AAIA, Dignity Housing, BP, NextWave Advocacy.


Trial Consulting From A Communications Expert

Andrew Colton is an award winning former ABC News Network Correspondent who is frequently heard on the Wall Street Journal Radio Network.

Colton’s extraordinary broadcast and communication expertise is sought after by attorneys nationwide who wish to provide their experts and witnesses with extra assurance and training before testifying in a deposition, trial or any other aspect of litigation.

Colton work with clients to increase their comfort level, to have them speak thoughtfully and concisely, to answer only the question being asked, and to provide a command presentation of the subject matter or situation. Clients have the option of being videotaped to review and analyze performance in low pressure, highly-effective training sessions.

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