Personal Injury Day In The Life Video For Litigation

Andrew Colton is retained by more than 200 law firms nationwide as the premiere producer of Personal Injury Day In The Life Video, Legal Settlement Documentary, and his trademarked “Life After Loss®” Legal Video Productions. Watch this brief video to learn more.

North America’s Premiere Producer Of Day In The Life, Life After Loss® and Legal Settlement Videos

andrew colton legal video

Andrew Colton is an award winning, former on-air national network news correspondent. He is retained by more than 200 law firms seeking the professionalism of a communications expert, not a “court reporter with a camera.” Andrew logs more than 100,000 miles each year working with his clients in person. There is no outsourcing. Andrew handles all aspects of his legal video productions, from videography and scripting, to narrating and delivery. Andrew Colton’s legal video productions have helped induce more than $1B in settlements nationwide.

His work proves “There Is No Other Side Of The Story.™”

Attorneys nationwide rely on Andrew not just for his stunning legal video work, but his ability to extract emotional details from clients who find his professional, warm demeanor to be a welcome respite from the traditional parameters of litigation. Simply put: injured clients or the mourning families of victims often “open up” to Andrew in the same way thousands of interviewees did during Andrew’s time as a national network news correspondent.

“Andrew Colton’s work has literally added million of dollars for my clients. I’ve worked with many different people and companies over the years. Andrew is the best in the business!”


The best lawyers in the best organizations, including Injury Board, the American Association for Justice, The Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys and National Trial Lawyers retain Andrew Colton for day in the life video, legal settlement documentary, “life after loss®” video and legal media relations.

Litigation Communication Expertise

Andrew Colton is a litigation communication expert, professionally communicating your case as a story — not a memo. Andrew is retained in high-stakes, high-value cases including: personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, products liability, helicopter crash, aviation disaster, truck crash, Mesothelioma, Weed Killer cancer, ride share crash, ride share sexual assault, construction accident, amputation, traumatic brain injury, police misconduct, financial crimes and general corporate negligence. Learn more on the Colton Legal Media homepage.