Nearly 200 law firms rely on Andrew Colton. His Day In The Life videos have helped induce nearly $1B in legal settlements.

Personal Injury Day In The Life Video For Settlement, Mediation and Trial

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Andrew Colton’s Legal Day In The Life Video productions are high quality documentaries showing the true impact of the incident or accident that led to your client’s current condition. View the homepage here.

Andrew is retained by nearly 200 law firms nationwide as a communication expert. An award winning, former on-air national network news correspondent, Andrew’s work has helped attorneys induce more than $1B in settlements. The nation’s leading trial attorneys — even the United States Department of Justice — use Andrew Colton’s legal video work to make their cases stronger.

Andrew’s work proves “There is no other side of the story™” by documenting the true impact of the incident or event that led to your clients’ incapacity. Andrew’s videos are personal and impactful. Andrew is a professional visual storyteller, not a “court reporter with a camera.”

Watch below to understand how and why Andrew Colton’s Day In The Life videos are so successful.

An expert in utilizing the “Reptile” approach when appropriate, Andrew is retained in Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Truck Accident, Traumatic Brain Injury, Products Liability, Mass Transit Disaster, Birth Injury, Burn, Mesothelioma, Antibiotic Poisoning, Chemical Poisoning, Theme Park Injury, Construction, Police Misconduct, Wrongful Death, Aviation and Maritime cases.

Andrew’s Day In The Life legal video productions are beautifully shot, clear and concise. His legal settlement documentaries are high-impact productions yielding record results. Andrew a litigation communication expert who adds substantial value to your case.

Andrew is also retained to produce his trademarked “Life After Loss®” videos which are best described as “day in the life legal videos” with short interviews highlighting the impact of an injury or death from the client, family and friends, and long form video settlement brochures.

There is no outsourcing and never a fee for reasonable domestic travel.

Andrew logs more than 100,000 miles each year working — on location — with attorneys and their clients.

Learn more on the homepage by clicking here, or telephone 1-877-484-4611. You also use this link to send a message.