Andrew Colton is the premiere producer of Day In The Life Legal Video, Life After Loss® and Legal Settlement Documentaries Nationwide.

Andrew is an award-winning former on-air National Network News Correspondent retained by more than 100 law firms across North America.

His productions have helped induce more than $1B in settlements in Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Truck Accident, Medical Malpractice, Aviation Disaster, Amtrak Disaster, Burn, Traumatic Brain Injury, Amputation, Mesothelioma, Products Liability and Construction Accident cases.

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Are you asking how to produce your own Day In The Life Legal Video?

The answer is simple. Don’t. Unless your case is of such a low potential value that video is only being used to illustrate a minor point, the best course of action is andrew colton legal videoalways to do what more than 100 law firms across North America do. Retain Colton Legal Media.

I am an award winning former on-air national network news correspondent. My videos routinely lead to record and landmark settlements. My legal documentaries have helped induce more than $1B in settlements in cases ranging from Amtrak derailments to medical malpractice, aviation disasters to corporate negligence — including a the highly publicized case of Terminix nearly killing a family of four.

When you retain me, you are retaining a professional, not a tech school trained “court reporter with a camera.” Your case is worth a professional documentary slapped together by someone with “CLVS” certification best suited to stand in near a still camera and record a day long despoliation. A court reporter is not a trained producer — a fact made clear by the number of productions that I have been retained to fix after a “court videographer” provided very poor work product.  Whether day in the life videos, settlement videos, or my trademarked “Life After Loss®” videos, my clients are like you — the best lawyers who provide the best representation possible to their clients.

Simply put: if you are asking yourself how to produce a day in the life video, the answer is simple: call me at 877-484-4611.

You Need A Professional. Not A Legal Videographer.

how to produce a day in the life video
Andrew Colton’s Life After Loss® Videos are so effective they hold a United States Trademark.

I am an expert at writing, producing and quite simply understanding the story that you are trying to tell. My visual storytelling makes the case that “There is no other side of the story.™” As an award winning former on-air ABC News National Correspondent, I utilize broadcast news skills in every case for which I am retained — producing stunning and highly effective productions that have led to hundreds of millions in settlements.

Know What A Day In The Life Video Is, And What A Day In The Life Video Is Not.

A “Day In The Life Video” is not just a compilation of clips of your client walking, talking, being cared for or receiving physical therapy. A “Day In The Life Video” should be a visual story that takes the viewer through the key events, struggles and limitations that your client deals with on a daily basis. Understanding the difference between the two concepts is often the difference between a reduced settlement offer and an agreement that keeps your case out of court.

Wrong Time To Be Cheap.

I am retained by more than 100 law firms and solo practitioners who understand the value of professional legal video productions. They are looking to induce the best settlement possible for their client by retaining a professional. They are not looking to save money by hiring a court reporter with a tech school background.

Andrew Colton’s Settlement Documentaries Routinely Induce Record Settlements.

Please telephone if you would like guidance on producing a “Day In The Life Video.” Even if you already have low quality video from a court videographer or court reporter, I can often fix the problems you are facing through re-editing and creativity to effectively make your case. My Day In The Life Video, Legal Settlement Documentary, Life After Loss and Legal Video Settlement Brochure productions have helped induce more than $1B in settlements. My cases range from high-profile Amtrak derailments to truck crashes in towns you have likely never heard of. No matter the location, no matter the value, and no matter the circumstance, Colton Legal Media professional settlement documentary productions induce settlement without the expense of trial. Telephone 877-484-4611 or email through the form below. If you’d like to view several “real life” documentaries, just ask for a password.