Legal Settlement Video Sample

Please watch below for a legal settlement video sample presentation.

Andrew Colton is the premiere producer of Day In The Life, Video Settlement Brochure, Settlement Documentary and Life After Loss® Legal Video across North America. Retained by more than 100 major law firms and solo practitioners, Andrew Colton logs more than 100k miles each year working in person with attorneys and their clients. Andrew’s work leads to record and landmark settlements. As an award winning former on-air network news correspondent, Andrew Colton is a communications professional, not a deposition videographer. Learn more by clicking here to visit the homepage, telephone 877-484-4611, or send a message using the form below.

Andrew Colton is retained to produce legal settlement video productions in personal injury, medical malpractice, police misconduct, chemical poisoning, wrongful death, aviation disaster, theme park accident, burn, truck accident, products liability, toxic tort, and traumatic brain injury cases. There is no charge for reasonable domestic travel. Andrew Colton logs more than 100k miles each working with attorneys and their clients on location across the United States. There is no outsourcing and no use of “CLVS” videographers. Andrew shoots, edits, scripts, narrates and fully produces each production. Andrew’s work is used in high-stakes, high-value cases and has been utilized by the US Department of Justice in its prosecution of a major extermination company that nearly killed a family by using illegal chemicals. A legal settlement video sample is above.