Legal Settlement Videos

Legal Settlement Videos

Attorneys from South Florida to Northern California rely on my legal settlement videos to ensure success in mediation and settlement conference — and most importantly — before trial expenses start to add up.

My clients are attorneys who appreciate that their clients deserve more than a “court reporter with a camera” for legal settlement videos. I am an award wining former on-air network news correspondent — a communications professional. My legal settlement video productions are used in high-stakes, high-value cases like Amtrak derailments, Terminix poisonings, major trucking company accidents, medical malpractice, aviation disaster and high-value personal injury litigation.

Legal Settlement Video Expertise Nationwide

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My legal settlement videos  look and sound like a network news magazine segment.  I condense your complicated litigation down to a simple to tell story with a compelling, highly-effective narrative. With the addition of interviews, graphics, deposition clips when available and professional narration, opposing counsel is left knowing that there is no other side to the story.  I am retained by more than 200 law firms nationwide and log more than 100k miles each year working with my clients, on location, to produce legal settlement videos that routinely lead to record and landmark settlements. I do not outsource — I am responsible for all videographer, narrative crafting, editing, production and delivery.

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I am not a “legal videographer.” I am a professional broadcast journalist who has mastered the intricacies of telling the story of your case through video.

Remember: I do not charge for domestic travel. My clients are based across North America. 

My legal settlement videos in personal injury, medical malpractice, products liability, wrongful death, premise liability, civil rights/police misconduct, maritime, truck accident and traumatic brain injury cases have lead to nearly $1B in settlements.

View the brief video on this page. For samples, email or telephone me at 877-484-4611 for access to a secure website with full length documentaries.