Medical Malpractice Day In The Life Legal Video

Andrew Colton is the premier producer nationally of Medical Malpractice day in the life video and settlement documentary legal video productions for use in mediation, settlement and trial. Visit the homepage, here.

Medical Malpractice Day In The Life Legal Video

Andrew Colton’s Day In The Life, Video Settlement Brochure and Life after Loss documentaries substantially increase the value of medical malpractice cases, as his unparalleled ability to capture the impact of an event, incident or accident make the case that there is no other side of the story. Andrew Colton is an award winning former on-air network news correspondent retained by more than 100 law firms nationwide for legal video and legal brain injury video production. He does not charge for reasonable domestic travel and he does not outsource. Andrew logs more than 100k miles a year working on location with attorneys and their clients to provide the strongest, most effective legal video and legal brain injury video productions possible.

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Andrew knows that medical malpractice legal video productions require special attention to detail, with a special emphasis placed on the visual and physical effects of medical malpractice, while also focusing on the strain placed on loved ones. Colton’s expertise consistently yields record results through high-impact documentaries that induce settlement. Andrew Colton is not a deposition videographer but a true litigation communication expert who works with the nation’s best attorneys, like you. Productions, when required, can be turned rapidly with elapsed time from day of shoot to date of delivery being measured in days. Andrew Colton is also available to testify to verify the authenticity of captured material and assists, when requested, in working with facilities to ensure access is granted prior to the date of shoot.

Attorneys and paralegals are invited to request a password to view medical malpractice legal videos on this website. Please use the form to the right of this page or telephone Andrew Colton at 1-877-484-4611. ColtonCreative does not charge for reasonable domestic travel, and Andrew Colton is on scene for all aspects of your production. Visit our full website to learn more by clicking here.