Witness Preparation

Witness preparation is the most important element of preparing for deposition, mediation or trial. The facts mean nothing if witness preparation doesn’t yield a calm, cool and collected presentation. That’s why attorneys nationwide say “no” to psychologists and so-called “jury consultants” when it comes to witness preparation. They rely on a communication expert who has spent thousands of hours in front of a camera as a network news correspondent. They retain Andrew Colton to prepare their clients before the “big day.”

Witness Prep Nationwide

witness preparation

My relaxed, experience-based witness preparation and training services routinely lead to increased confidence and significantly better presentation skills for deposition, mediation and trial. There is no outsourcing and there is no charge for reasonable domestic travel.

Applying the communication mastery developed over years in front of the camera, I works with your clients and witnesses to — quite simply — make sure they focus on why they are there, not everything else going on around them. You don’t need someone to psychoanalyze their childhood. You need someone who knows the keys to effective communication and presentation.

Deposition, Mediation and Trial Witness Preparation Expert

Using audio and video, I coache clients through the superficial and the substantive — focusing on appearance, diction, clarity and brevity. I review past depositions, focusing on specific mannerisms and responses to increase the witnesses’ comfort level. My traditional training session occurs over two half day or one full intense day. This is not acting. This is not sitting in a mock courtroom. This is learning to be in the “moment” while presenting an image that is inviting, intelligent and believable. My goal: teaching your client to turn off the “noise” that surrounds him or her while focusing on a clear, credible presentation. There is no scripting, no memorization, no “telling” a client what to say. This training is learning to be so comfortable with the facts and narrative that answering clearly and correctly becomes second nature.

My witness preparation training routinely yields successful witness examinations in civil, criminal,  personal injury, human resources/employment and corporate litigation.

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